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Telia Solutions for Media is a set of products and solutions for online video workflows. It contains Telia Video Cloud, Telia CDN and Telia Managed Video Services.
Telia CDN is a global high performance content delivery network for video streaming and website content acceleration and provides content distribution for the Telia Media Services video platform as well. Popular use cases and benefits of Telia CDN are Large capacity content delivery Video and audio streaming Web acceleration Protection from volumetric DDoS attacks Protection from traffic surges Protection of origin servers
The "embed code" is a block of HTML which is embedded in the page-source and creates an object in doing so. Embed: the process of putting video content onto a website or blog post. It is often referenced with HTML to designate interactive content taken from the TMS content source administrative platform. The embed code is configured according to the content publisher’s needs.
Embed code building areas:
Default bitrate selector
Video player options
THEO regular
Aspect ratio selector
Size WxH
Autoplay y/n
Auto subtitles
Start muted
Start from (sec.)
There are two ways to protect against piracy and asset stealing from public websites. The first is a token mechanism that generates a key for a certain session or connection based on TLD (top level domain). Video assets will not be playable if someone tries to publish those assets on a website other than the publisher’s. An optional way to protect live events or video on demand is DRM (digital rights management) that follows universal industry standards (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple FairPlay). DRM includes native content encryption tools and a licence key gateway from which licence keys can be delivered to consumers’ playback platforms.
All Telia Solutions for Media systems are redundant and have 100% uptime guarantee. Telia Premium support covers all issues that may arise during service usage and degrade the system performance or usage. Premium support works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year around. The amount of opened support cases and hours is not limited. Support is provided over the phone and e-mail. As TMS is a cloud service operational, support at the customer’s premises is not necessary. All technologies are located in data centres that either have Telia personnel on-site or remote hands agreements with data centre operators who provide necessary support to replace faulty devices. Monitoring and management of all technologies is performed remotely by Telia or Verizon personnel. Support cases have criticality levels:
Urgency Response Time Description Status updates Effort
Critical 15 min Customer business is severely impacted and needs immediate resolution; several system functions not working; workaround not possible; needs resolution ASAP. Hourly 24/7/365
High 60 min Customer business is partly impacted; one system function is not working; workaround not possible; needs resolution expeditiously. 4 hours 24/7/365
Medium 120 min Performance is degraded; workaround is possible. 24 hours 24/7/365
Low Best effort Minor problem/change request When complete Business hours


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